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Innovative Solutions for Hair Loss in Spring TX: Discover HAIR SHOTS

Both men and women who experience thinning hair and baldness often feel helpless, and less attractive. Their self-esteem takes a strong hit. Our hair plays a big role in our aesthetic appearance and when that prominent physical feature is in jeopardy, the emotional toll can be devastating. Therefore, Dr. Perlman in Spring, TX offers his patients PRP or PRP Therapy. This non-invasive treatment may be the solution to your hair loss problem. PRP is effective for all types of hair loss conditions that occur in both men and women.

PRP Therapy is a new form of a recently developed, advanced hair loss treatment currently available through medical professionals. Several dermatologic studies have been published, reporting successful trials in Italy. This research has proved that PRP not only regenerates hair growth, it reduces hair thinning. Some major advantages of PRP use are that the treatment is all-natural, and the process is non-invasive.

PRP in Spring TX: How Does It Work?

Before hair loss can be reverse scalp tissues must be restored to health. Treatment with PRP can regenerate the growth products in the blood that are directly responsible for restoring new scalp tissue. Once the mesenchymal and autologous blood products are stimulated, the follicles will begin to grow new hair.

Published research studies have also discussed the possible risks associated with PRP in Spring TX. Medical professionals agree that PRP Hair Therapy is one of the safest and most effective cosmetic hair growth solutions currently available. Although there has been much hype in the medical community, PRP is still in the early stages and continued research is necessary to gain the FDA seal of approval.

At this point, PRP Therapy in California is not an official replacement for FDA approved hair growth options such as Minoxidil and Propecia. Yet, studies are demonstrating that PRP is a very promising solution to hair loss and hair thinning. FDA is in the early stages of research to seek PRP approval for hair loss reversal.

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